Beyoncé Is Bonkers for This Woman’s Lace Jewelry

You may for a moment think Monika Knutsson’s jewelry is filigree or repoussé. But no, it’s lace — antique and vintage lace, coated with 18- and 24-karat gold and silver to preserve and enhance its intricate patterns. Even the threads show through. Ms. Knutsson, 59, is repurposing a traditional women’s needle art as featherweight contemporary […]

Equity Markets Hit By Gravity & Greed

Besides death and taxes – whose ultimatums we continue to try and cheat – the only two things you can truly depend on showing up on a regular basis are gravity and greed. Over the past week, the two collided in the equity markets in rather spectacular fashion, with gravity taking the day. Granted, it’s […]

U.S. Stock Market: Is 2018 Similar To 1928?

Robert Shiller, an often cited experts on markets and stocks, sees 2018 as similar to 1928 for US stocks. He could be right. Long-term cycle concentrations, while not identical, are showing similar trends but not levels. This means an exact repeat of 1928 and, more importantly, 1929 are unlikely. Rising social distress from the evolving […]