E-Crypto news Talks to Kingswap About Token Listings in 2021

Token listings are on the front burner again. This time, as more people join the cryptospace, tokens have to be listed on exchanges in ways that people can buy and exchange them without any issues or problems. 

The Kingswap token ($KING) is one of those tokens. The token recently got listed on BitMart and HotBit exchanges. 

The listings provide several advantages among which are greater liquidity, acceptance, and adoption by the cryptospace. 

E-Crypto News caught up with Emelia Thiara, Member, KingSwap Board of Directors and Team Member to talk about this. Here is what she had to say.

Emelia Thiara, Member, KingSwap Board of Directors and Team Member

E-Crypto News:
1. Congratulations on your new listing! What are the benefits of listing on the new exchanges?

We have chosen to list on Bitmart as our first exchange. Bitmart is a well-known centralized exchange and has a good reputation, strong community and investor network, as well as some licenses. The combination of a good reputation, good liquidity, great community and network and high trust factors led KingSwap to choose Bitmart as the first centralized exchange listing for $KING.

E-Crypto News:
2. How do listings enable decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions to become secure and improve regulation of the cryptocurrency token?

One big advantage of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) and DeFi over centralized exchanges and centralized financial platforms is security, as there decentralized solutions remove the possibility of centralized wallets or accounts being hacked, since DEXes work by plugging in users’ wallets to interact with each other or the platform. This therefore

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