India is banning cryptocurrency, the Future of Cryptocurrency in India.

Kaushal mandalNov 24 · 4 min readcrypto image by pexels

Recent news has sparked the crypto world crashing the crypto market after news came without official confirmation that India is going to ban cryptocurrency.

In India population-wise there are more wallets than the rest of the world and if a country like India is banning cryptocurrency this news worked as the spark and the whole market collapsed and got corrected.

The real News of India Banning cryptocrypto ban google image

India is however not planning to ban cryptocurrency but they are planning to regulate it. Investing in cryptocurrency is more popular among teens as we all know and often India is holding the number of wallets holding crypto in the world. So banning the whole crypto and the ecosystem will leave people trapped as they have invested their hard-earned money.

Government to understand it and banning would make the situation more

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