Animoca to repay users 265 ETH stolen in fake NFT drop Discord hack

Hong Kong-based gaming and venture capital company Animoca Brands and subsidiary Blowfish Studios have promised users that they will repay 265 ETH (US$1.1 million) stolen in a fraudulent nonfungible token (NFT) sale on D`iscord.

The fraudulent minting event occurred at approximately 3 AM AEDT on Nov 19 on the Phantom Galaxies Discord server. It saw 1,571 fake minting transactions over the course of about three hours.

Phantom Galaxies is an upcoming Australian game being developed by Blowfish Studios. The Phantom Galaxies Discord server has 94,000 members.

In an increasingly common occurrence on Discord, hackers gained control of the official Phantom Galaxies server by using a malware bot that compromised the Admin account’s two-factor authentication. Once in control of the Discord server, the hackers banned all staff, advisor, and community moderator accounts.

Screenshot of a fraudulent announcement about the so-called NFT drop. Source: PhantomGalaxies Discord server.

The hackers then began posting announcements, claiming

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