Rokkit Fuel Newly Launched Cryptocurrency Set to Shake the Social Media Industry

A recently launched project & crypto coin, Rokkit Fuel, is being hailed as the next big cryptocurrency and has major plans to revolutionise the social media industry with a cryptocurrency-subscription based social media app.

And if that isn’t enough, the token also redistributes 5% of each transaction to all holders in Bitcoin. Many previous projects pay rewards in native tokens or stable currencies such as USD, but with Rokkit Fuel coin, the contract automatically converts rewards to the most coveted one of them all, Bitcoin.

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Rokkit Fuel explain in their white paper that they believe, more needs to be done to reward creators who mostly earn very little for their efforts in partnerships currently offered by other leading platforms, such as YouTube & TikTok.

According to this article on Business Insider, Youtubers with 1000 views will earn on average  $17 if their content is selected for Google

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