Samurai Saga – NFT Collection Will be Delivering 3D Ver. to Holders

Receive A 3D Version of Their NFT To Use In The Collection’s Full Open World Game

Los Angeles, California,  — After a sold out mint, the NFT collection announces you will be able to use your Samurai NFT in their Open World game.

Samurai Saga holders should be thrilled as they look forward to playing a “The Witcher” type open world game where they can hang with their friends and fight monsters with their favorite NFT character they hold. With a trailer live on their website, the game is extremely close to coming to fruition with holders expected to be able to play a demo version of the game in February.

Along with a fully-functional game with world-class graphics, collectors should also consider the NFT collection for the following reasons:1. The profits from the fully sold out mint will be invested directly into the project to ensure

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