Second Life creator returns to lay claim to the Metaverse

The founder of Linden Lab’s virtual online world Second Life Philip Rosedale will be rejoining the project as a strategic advisor to guide its entry to the Metaverse.

While he is negative on content interoperability in the Metaverse describing it as “a total fail” he believes an NFT based future is the way forward long term.

Second Life is an online social game universe that launched in 2003, when the word “Metaverse” was only being used by Neal Stephenson fans.

Since leaving his position as CEO of Linden Labs in 2008, Rosedale has made a name for himself in the virtual reality (VR) ecosystem. In 2013, he created the social VR company, High Fidelity.

Philip Rosedale returning to Linden Labs (breaking news today) definitely reminds me of Steve Jobs in the 90s returning to Apple #secondlife #metaverse

— Andrew Oleksiuk (they/them) (@Andrew_Oleksiuk) January 13, 2022

In a Jan. 13 announcement, High Fidelity said it is

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