TokenBot helps crypto traders build social communities and monetize market knowledge

There are many advantages to automating one’s trading tactics instead of pointing and clicking with a mouse. For starters, bots can execute trading decisions free of emotion, are lighting fast and have far fewer margins of error. According to CNBC estimates, crypto trading bots account for 70% to 80% of the overall trading volume.

TokenBot is an automated copy-trading platform designed for social trading groups and communities within messaging apps such as Discord, Telegram and Slack. Once added to a social media group, TokenBot monitors the admin’s account on an exchange and automatically notifies members of their trading activity details in real-time. The bot has more than 8,000 daily active users and streams close to $100 million per day in trading volume. 

In an exclusive ask me anything session with Cointelegraph Markets Pro users, TokenBot’s co-founders Anthony Elia and Shaun Newsum shared insight on how the bot could help crypto traders. 

TokenBot intro

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