Mona Tiesler

Jul 31

·8 min read

When you hear tech buzzwords like “NFTs” flying around, dismissing them as another fad destined to the dustbin of time is easy. After all, hypes are an essential component of marketing.

Quite to the contrary, and as data from independent sources suggest, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are very likely here to stay. With the sale of an NFT for $69 million (the Beeple NFT in 2021) and an ever-increasing market cap, there are strong indicators that NFTs’ revolutionary foray into the digital asset space will make winners.

If you are an artist, chances are that you are already thinking of taking the bold step to join the fray. Selling a minute piece of your creativity for a substantial sum of money like several NFT artists have done doesn’t sound too bad.

But what are NFTs, how do they work, how can you invest, and how can you create one?

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