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Nomad announced a bounty of up to 10% for the return of the stolen funds from the Nomad bridge. In a website announcement and tweet, the company publicly provided a wallet address for sending the funds.

The bounty is applicable to anyone who comes forward from now on or already returned funds. At the time of writing, Nomad has recovered more than $20 million. 

The Nomad token bridge suffered a massive hack on Tuesday. This incident was among the largest in the history of crypto hacks, with nearly $200 million in crypto assets stolen. However, the platform wasted no time addressing its community and the hackers. 

Update: Nomad Bridge Hack Bounty

(see below for details)

Please send the funds to the official Nomad recovery wallet address on Ethereum: 0x94A84433101A10aEda762968f6995c574D1bF154

— Nomad (⤭⛓) (@nomadxyz_) August 4, 2022

In an official statement, Pranay Mohan, co-founder and CEO of Nomad, commented:

“The most important thing in crypto is

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