Serge Baudrillart

Sep 13

·6 min readSpeeding can lead to crashing.

You’re surely aware that the goal of cryptocurrencies is to eventually become a strong alternative to traditional finance, thus being capable of supporting global demand — billions of transactions out of billions of people.

This requires scalability, which is part of the “blockchain trilemma”, a well-known challenge most blockchains ultimately aim to solve.

Scalability could be seen as a precious commodity, that can be traded in exchange for Security, Decentralization or both.

The Blockchain Trilemma

The goal of this article is to look at today’s main blockchains, and how much they give away at the expense of speed.

Ethereum: Everything but scalable

Ethereum’s explosive interest came with the fact that they introduced effective smart contract deployments, which led to an array of innovations from dApps to NFTs — something previously impossible with Bitcoin.

While Ethereum has become a clear reference in the ecosystem, its protocol keeps generating a lot

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