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Sep 21

·4 min read

After the introduction of Startverse’s Marketplace & the Metaverse Universe, today we are going to give you a quick overview of our project “Startverse”.

1. From idea to the Creation

One year ago, we conducted a lot of product-related brainstorming. We wanted to create a solution for startups at the time because we were ourselves a beginning business and knew what they needed. We were aware that everyone had different goals for their success and pleasure. We were also aware that not many people have millions of dollars to launch their ideas right away. We always consider ways to fulfil people’s aspirations for the least amount of money.

Since Meta (a.k.a. Facebook) revealed its vision for the metaverse, we’ve discussed the possibilities it could provide our users with friends and coworkers a lot. What are the ramifications for business? Is one question we frequently get asked. If you want

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