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Developed countries often take for granted the ubiquity of the internet. But the reality is that some 2.9 billion people still don’t have connectivity to the World Wide Web.

Data provided by UNICEF highlights that the majority of this internet-less mass of people reside in undeveloped countries, and children continue to be disadvantaged by the lack of internet connectivity at local schools.

A UNICEF-led initiative is tackling this dilemma in a novel way through a joint venture with the International Telecommunication Union, whi led to the creation of Giga in 2019.

Gerben Kijne, blockchain product manager at Giga, outlined the firm’s Project Connect initiative at the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam. Giga has made strides in connecting schools to the internet in developing countries around the world.

Gerben Kijne speaks about Giga’s Project Connect and its Patchwork Kingdoms NFT fundraising experiment at the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam.

The first step in this process was mapping

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