Samson Adesanoye

Sep 21

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🙎: Something happened on September 15, 2022 in the history of blockchain.

The Merge Website

👦: What that dad?

🙎: A car named Ethereum changed it engine to Proof of stake

👦: Wow 😲 never knew a car engine can be change. 😃

👦: Why the engine change 🙋?

🙎: This Ethereum car was consuming a-lot of energy using the Proof of Work engine.

👦: Does that mean the cost of gas will reduce (gas fee)?

🙎: No it won’t, the gas fee won’t reduce

👦: Then why the change?

🙎: The Proof Of Stake engine reduce energy consumption by 99.95%.

👦: Wow that was an economy impactful change dad.

🙎: Yeah the engine change make Ethereum an Eco-friendly blockchain.


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