You are currently viewing Coinbase counters WSJ claim its Risk Solutions group engaged in $100M proprietary trade

The Wall Street Journal and Coinbase are having a difference in definitions. The newspaper published an alleged account of the digital asset exchange’s trading activities earlier this year that it claims amount to proprietary trading. Coinbase responded in a blog post that it had done no such thing.

Relying on information supplied by “people at the company,” the WSJ wrote on Thursday that Coinbase made a $100-million transaction that was viewed inside the company as a test trade by the company’s Risk Solutions group, which had been formed for the purpose of proprietary trading. Proprietary trading is the practice by banks and financial institutions of trading their own money for their own gain, rather than doing so to earn a commission from a client.

It would not have been illegal for Coinbase to engage in proprietary trading, the WSJ noted, but it could still be a matter of concern. An institution

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