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What we have today in terms of Web3 gaming is not working. Play-to-earn has not worked and neither will play-to-earn or any X-to/and-earn. On top of that, traditional gamers view nonfungible tokens (NFTs) with suspicion. They dunk on expensive apes and are skeptical of large game publishers applying the lipstick of NFTs for further monetization.

Nobody knows what a successful Web3 game will look like yet. To get there, we need more developers to experiment with more models. We need infrastructure that will lower the barriers to Web3 game development and make it easy for developers to experiment. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in developing the underlying infrastructure rather than getting carried away by the speculative hype.

The Web3 gaming infrastructure can be broken into two phases:

Pre-release: Infrastructure for pre-game launchPost-release: Infrastructure for post-game launch.

Across both development phases, Web3 gaming needs technical infrastructure (blockchains, analytics and toolings), financial infrastructure (marketplaces and

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