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Anxious to mint a piece of crypto history as a digital collectible? The time has almost come. After amassing a waitlist of more than 400,000 participants, spurring a delayed but fairer launch, Cointelegraph’s Historical nonfungible token (NFT) collection opened on Nov. 23 for waitlisters and will go live on Dec. 1 for the general public.

Although the crypto and blockchain space is comparatively new in terms of world history, a number of memorable events have painted unforgettable headlines through the years. Cointelegraph’s Historical Collection gives the public a chance to look through Cointelegraph’s history of articles and immortalize those they would like to own or trade, turning them into digital collectibles. Fans are already eyeing certain Cointelegraph NFT articles on digital marketplace OpenSea, while others are compiling multiple pieces together into nonfungible token collections.

On Oct. 14, Cointelegraph unveiled Cointelegraph Historical — an NFT collection that allows people to select past Cointelegraph

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