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The turmoil surrounding crypto exchange FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) reaffirmed regulators’ belief about the need for stricter oversight across the crypto ecosystem. Seeking investor protection against a similar fallout, New York Attorney General (NYAG) Letitia James recommended prohibiting crypto investments in defined contribution plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

In a letter addressed to the members of the U.S. Congress, James requested legislation that would bar United States citizens from purchasing cryptocurrencies and digital assets using their funds in IRAs and defined contribution plans such as 401(k) and 457 plans. However, a survey from October 2022 showed that nearly 50% of U.S.-based investors want to see crypto become a part of their 401(k) retirement plans.

James further pitched the rejection of two acts — the recently proposed Retirement Savings Modernization Act and the Financial Freedom Act of 2022 — that are aimed at allowing investments in digital assets. While highlighting SBF’s involvement

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