Jan 25

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At the backdrop of increased pressure from the RBI and the NCPI, exchanges have banned payment via UPI and banks; thus, paving the way for the P2P or peer-to-peer trading option to evolve further. If you look at the data of Q3 pf 2022, it has shown a steep jump of 5 million more customers trading via P2P. In 2021, the numbers were $11.2 million; whereas, in Q3 of 2022, it has reached $15.7. It is expected that these numbers will rise citing rising tax concerns going forward in 2023. That said, which exchanges should top the list when you are going for a p2p trading in 2023. In this blog, we shall look into that;

Criteria To Choose a Good P2P Exchange

Some of the best P2P crypto exchanges ought to have the following features intact:

An efficient matching engineMulti-layer securitySSL2FAHTTP parameterAnti-DDoSGoogle authenticatorEscrow SystemHow Coindhan Establishes Itself as a

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