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Web3 firm MetisDAO Foundation launched Koris, a smart contract-based platform that allows decentralized organizations to operate and manage communities through an end-to-end operational infrastructure.

In an announcement sent to Cointelegraph, the company said that Koris aims to turn decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) into DACs or “decentralized autonomous companies” by providing an operating system consisting of various governance and management tools.

The team believes that while DAO platforms have collective decision-making and operational functions, they can be taken further by providing tools to help grow Web3 businesses.

Chelsea Kubo, the co-founder and COO of Koris, said that there is a growing demand for DAOs with increased management transparency. She added:

“These infrastructures and management models are reflected within a DAC, and KORIS works as a platform to help businesses excel in a web3 space. Having said that, it is only time until large enterprises and web2 companies begin to make this move.”

The project

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