Kyrian Alex

Nov 29, 2022

·9 min read

Sei Network is the first order-book-focused L1 blockchain that offers a high throughput and low latency without sacrificing decentralization. It is specialized for trading and designed to be faster and more reliable than other types of blockchains.

Sei is built using the Cosmos SDK, the Tendermint core, and has a built-in centralized (or decentralized) limit order book (CLOB/DLOB) module that offers a heavily optimized order placement and matching engine.

A CLOB is a central limit order book where order messages are maintained and matched by a central authority. A DLOB is a decentralized limit order book where order messages are propagated and matched by a distributed network of nodes.

Central limit order-books (CLOBs) have been integral in market-making in TradFi since 2000. Every asset you trade today on the NASDAQ or other indices is filled using one. However, CLOBs in crypto have largely only existed on centralized exchanges

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