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Both, crypto and AI, have seen remarkable progress in the past few years.

Crypto celebrated successes like DeFi, and more recently DeSci.

AI celebrated successes like AlphaFold2, and more recently ChatGPT.

Back in 2018, Peter Thiel pointed to the tension between the decentralizing forces of crypto and the centralizing forces of AI, coining the term “Crypto is libertarian, AI is Communist.” Here I want to argue that we may learn something by combining the two.

Why? Because skills and approaches honed by the security and crypto community have the potential to unlock useful applications of AI and mitigate AI risks.

Allison Duettmann is the president and CEO of Foresight Institute. She directs the Intelligent CooperationMolecular MachinesBiotech & Health Extension, Neurotech, and Space Programs, Fellowships, Prizes,

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