Blockchain network BNB Chain is expected to undergo a network upgrade at block height 29,020,050, estimated to arrive on June 11 at 21:30 UTC, developers released on GitHub.

Network improvements typically attract investors and users to blockchain ecosystems as they allow developers to provide even better features. BNB Chain utilizes the bnb token (BNB) for users to pay fees with and vote on network changes – meaning such upgrades could contribute toward the value proposition for bnb in the future.

The Luban hard fork incorporates three different Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Evolution Proposals (BEPs): BEP-126, BEP-174 and BEP-221, which cumulatively aim to make the network faster and more secure for users.

BEP-126 introduces the “Fast Finality” mechanism, which makes it impossible for a block to be reversed once it

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