You are currently viewing Avalanche’s AVAX Token Remains Flat Ahead of its $130 Million Token Unlock

Millions of AVAX tokens – the native crypto of the Avalanche blockchain – will be unlocked on Sunday and distributed to key players in that ecosystem, adding a major 1.2% increase in total supply.

The 9.3 million tokens entering circulation on May 27 were worth roughly $130 million at press time. They’re set to go to the Avalanche Foundation, strategic partners and Ava Labs, as well as an airdrop, said Patrick Sutton, Avalanche’s communications chief.

“Tokens from unlocks aren’t automatically put to use. It just means the Foundation can now use them, but it is at their discretion when and how to use them,” added Sutton.

AVAX is the gas to Avalanche’s smart contracts ecosystem and also used to secure the blockchain via staking. It has remained stable in

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