By Vishnu Patankar, Kraken’s Chief Technology Officer Crypto is uniquely suited to adopt AI

Our industry is known for its volatility and 24/7/365 dynamic. As anyone who’s worked in crypto knows, the bull run quickly leads to immense pressures on most core functions, such as account sign-ups, client responses and token listings.

In these situations, hiring processes often fall far short of filling vacancies. Partly because other crypto companies are attempting to hire the same people at the same time, but also because new hires can take several months to serve notice periods and become fully familiar with their new roles and responsibilities. 

Ultimately, the traditional hiring model doesn’t fill roles for the most labor-intensive tasks when they’re most needed, and this can result in high turnover rates and increased operational costs. In a startup-heavy space like crypto, maintaining all these functions at scale, in-house, isn’t always feasible and often

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