DPoS is an evolution of the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, ideally designed to increase efficiency, scalability, and democratic governance.

Blockchain technology has changed how we see and handle digital transactions, mainly via its consensus mechanisms and decentralized nature. The main aim of these decentralized mechanisms is to guarantee no centralized gatekeeping in managing a blockchain’s record of transactions and data. Instead, the consensus mechanisms rely on network participants to validate transactions and add them as new blocks on the chain.

Among the different consensus algorithms, one such mechanism that has gained popularity is delegated proof-of-stake. DPoS is described as an example of the classic proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Daniel Larimer launched the DPoS concept in 2014 to boost the traditional PoS consensus mechanism, aiming to enhance scalability and efficiency. Interestingly, Larimer first shared his vision in a Bitcointalk forum post, which resulted in the practical implementation of DPoS with the introduction

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