Since it launched in September 2023, Opera Mini’s MiniPay app has attracted over three million users.

Major technology firm Opera confirmed upgrading the crypto wallet on its mobile browser Opera Mini by incorporating the biggest stablecoins on the market, Circle’s USDC and Tether USDT.

MiniPay, a stablecoin-based self-custodial wallet integrated into Opera Mini, is rolling out Pockets, This new feature enables one-click swaps between the Celo dollar (cUSD) and the newly integrated stablecoins.

With Pockets, MiniPay users can readily switch between USDC, USDT, and cUSD with “sub-cent fees and no hidden costs” with a drag-and-drop motion, as highlighted in an announcement published on July 3.

The executive vice president (EVP) of Mobile at Opera, told reporters:

“This feature abstracts assets swapping in Web3, allowing users to effortlessly swap between all 3 stablecoins by simply dragging coins between virtual pockets, never having to worry about gas fees.”

Many Wallet Consumers

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