Links 5/9/18

Colorado Cop Debunks lllinois Cop’s Claim That Legal Pot Would Lead to Killing of Police Dogs GritPost (UserFriendly)

Residents upset after Md. deputy shoots groundhog blocking traffic Dayton Daily News

California heads toward requiring solar panels on all new houses Los Angeles Times (furzy)

Humans have pushed Earth to a terrifying new milestone, and it could have deadly effects on our health Business Insider (Kevin W)

Is Chemical Sunscreen About to Go the Way of Microbeads? Fashionista

The FDA has adopted rules for restaurants to print calorie counts on menus Quartz


Exclusive: China ramps up checks on U.S. pork imports in potentially costly slowdown Reuters (EM)

International airlines risk curbs if they refuse to obey ‘one-China’ rules South China Morning Post (furzy)

One in the eye for burning China facts South China Morning Post (furzy)

Berlusconi denies he may take step back to let Italy form government Reuters


Brexit: closer to the edge Richard North

The Pound Faces a Friendless Summer Bloomberg

New Cold War

Ukraine Report Claims America’s USAID Program is Financing Glorification of Fascist Groups that Took Part in the Holocaust Defending History. UserFriendly: “Lol, inadvertently?”


President Trump Announcement on Iran Nuclear Deal C-SPAN (Kevin C)

As it happened: Fury abroad over pull-out BBC

Trump Violates the Iran Nuclear Deal — Ignoring U.S. and Israeli Generals Who Support It Intercept

An Israel-Iran war is unlikely – for the time being Asia Times

Opinion: Trump’s Iran nuclear deal exit dangerous for the world DW

Trump’s Obnoxious Nuclear Bombshell American Conservative (Darius)

Peter Thiel

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