Links 12/27/18

Japan to restart commercial whale hunts BBC πŸ™

Rerouted cruise ship rescues two fishermen stranded in Caribbean MPR (Chuck L)

Etna, sisma di magnitudo 4.8 a Catania: feriti lievi, case crollate e tanta paura. 600 sfollati La Stampa πŸ™

A life on the tracks New Statesman (Chuck L)

Greenland’s Rapid Ice Melt Persists Even in Winter, Study Finds Common Dreams

There’s no easy fix for our nuclear past High Country News (diptherio)

Two years later, I still miss the headphone port TechCrunch (M). What is wrong with people? I have antique equipment (pre GPS iPods) so this has not caught up with me yet.

How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually. New York Magazine (resilc)

We finally started taking screen time seriously in 2018 TechCrunch (EM)

NYPL’s Chief Digital Officer Says Public is Better off When Libraries Are ‘Risk Averse’ About Tech Geekwire

Now We Can 3D Print Homes for Next to Nothing, Using Mud Futurism (David L)

Turkey’s magical hangover cure BBC (furzy)


China’s advances in Arctic may pose security threat to Canada Asia Times (resilc)

China Heads Into Trade Talks Bracing for More U.S. Demands Bloomberg

It’s in Washington’s best interests to engage China as a partner, not an adversary Seattle Times (furzy)

UN Members Thwart China’s Bid to Gut Funds for Myanmar Probe Human Rights Watch (furzy)

India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart To Sell Products Online New York Times


Ill-considered act behind the Brexit paralysis Financial Times

Business confidence in UK at

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