Millennials And Gen Z Optimism About Economic Outlook Drops, Survey Finds

Deloitte recently published its Global Millennial Survey of 13,416 millennials from 42 countries and 3,009 Gen Z respondents from ten countries. The survey found that both generations are experiencing economic disruptions that have translated into stress and pessimism about their careers, their social lives, and the entire world around them.

Economic optimism dropped to a low for both generations, with only 25% of respondents expecting a 2H19 rebound in global growth.

About 50% of millennials said their financial wellbeing would continue to deteriorate for the next six months, while 43% expected some improvement.

“From the economic recession a decade ago to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, millennials and Gen Zs have grown up in a unique moment in time impacting connectivity, trust, privacy, social mobility 4and work,” says Michele Parmelee, Deloitte Global Chief Talent Officer.

“This uncertainty is reflected in their personal views on business, government, leadership and the need for positive societal change agents. As business leaders, we must continue to embrace the issues resonating most with these two generations, or risk losing out on talent in an increasingly competitive market,” she said.

About 52% of the millennials said salary growth was a top priority in life, while 56% of Gen Zs said the same. Starting a family was important to about 39% of the millennials and 45% of Gen Zs.

Among 20 challenges facing societies across the world, both

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