The Future Is Here: Watch Robot Cop Pull Over Driver And Issue Ticket 

Engineer Reuben Brewer and SRI International, a nonprofit scientific research institute based in California, developed a police robot for traffic stops. This new robot is expected to act as a buffer between the officer and motorist during an encounter, reported The Washington Post.

The project began several years ago in Brewer’s garage but has since been in development at SRI International’s facilities in California. The robot, dubbed GoBetween, is designed to make it safer for both the officer and the motorist.

“The main advantage of a robot over a human is that physical danger no longer matters,” Brewer wrote after being reached by email by The Post.

“The robot is purely defensive, so it can’t hurt the motorist. If the motorist damages the robot, it’s only money to replace it.”

“People are more dangerous when they’re scared, so the goal is to remove the possibility of being physically hurt so that they’re less scared and less dangerous,” he added.

When the officer pulls over a vehicle, GoBetween is deployed, which is a mechanism attached to the driver’s side of the police car, extends a rolling aluminum track to the motorist’s window with a robot at the end. At the same time, a spike strip extends from the robot and unfolds between the vehicle’s front and rear tires, stopping a potential high-speed chase.

GoBetween is a weaponless robot includes two video

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