Links 8/12/19

Was E-mail a Mistake? New Yorker

‘It makes me angry’: is this the end for America’s Joshua trees? Guardian (furzy)

Above-normal hurricane season now more likely with El Niño’s end, NOAA says Tampa Bay Times

Shareholders Sue Exxon for Misrepresenting Climate Risks Climate Liability News

Climate change will mean more multiyear snow droughts in the West The Conversation. Bad news for those in the ski biz.

German politicians propose much higher meat tax TreeHugger

Class Warfare

Money-Making Schemes That Ensnare Prisoners and Their Families Marshall Project

College Still Pays Off, but Not for Everyone WSJ

Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse NY Post

NYC’s $15 minimum wage hasn’t brought the restaurant apocalypse — it’s helped them thrive Business Insider

Ajit Pai loses another court case as judges overturn 5G deregulation Ars Technica

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Ring Told People to Snitch on Their Neighbors in Exchange for Free Stuff Vice

London’s King’s Cross using facial recognition in security cameras FT

Waste Watch

A man mocked recycling as he dumped a fridge off a cliff. He had to haul it back up and he’s facing trial CNN

What would happen if we cancelled fashion week? Dazed

Australia will ban export of recyclable waste ‘as soon as practicable’, PM vows Guardian

Mexico City joins worldwide movement to ban single-use plastic Mexico News Daily


Death toll from Indian floods reaches 147, thousands evacuated Al Jazeera

Zomato hits another controversy: Hindu, Muslim delivery boys to strike against delivering beef, pork

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