Is The Geopolitical Chessboard Now Digital?

Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Geopolitics is based on the nature of politics and relations defined by the real spaces in which we live. Over time thanks to technology these spaces have changed and have become much closer. The seas that used to make a ground invasion impossible have become much smaller on a planet where a nuclear strike could hit any location in the world in a matter of hours or some would speculate minutes. Technology has also opened up new spaces onto which a geopolitical logic can be applied. In fact there is a surprising correlation between the layout of the world’s current military landscape and its digital geopolitical landscape and this is not by some bit of random chance.

If we take a look at a “Hard Power” map of the world, showing the rough locations of foreign military bases, especially those of NATO then we can see a very clear picture of the geopolitical landscape of our planet.

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Source: Foreign Policy

Source: Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (via Big Think)

We shouldn’t be so naive as to think that NATO and Russia just give out the addresses to all their bases to

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