CalPERS, Treasurer Fiona Ma, Board Members David Miller and Theresa Taylor, and CalPERS Employees Engage in Illegal and Dishonest Electioneering Against Candidate JJ Jelincic

On Sunday, we documented one of the illegal and desperate measures CalPERS and its election vendor, K&H Printing, are taking to try to defeat JJ Jelincic, the favorite in current election for the retiree seat, which is the use of see-through ballot envelopes that expose the voters’ choice. Making votes visible through the sealed envelope allows for election tampering by throwing out votes for Jelincic before they are tabulated as received. We described how this scheme constitutes mail fraud, a Federal crime, as well as violating the California constitution.

Today, we turn to the second of the illegal and reckless measures, that of prohibited electioneering by CalPERS as an institution, key board members, and certain employees. Keep in mind that California, like many states, does not allow officials and employees to use government resources in any election campaign. Yet these parties have flagrantly violated these requirements, with Treasurer Fiona Ma using her state letterhead in a twice-circulated missive attacking Jelincic. Stunningly, a large-scale mailing of this letter included address formats that exist only in CalPERS member database, which is a flagrant violation of the law and beneficiary privacy. Similarly, board member David Miller illegally spoke from the CalPERS dais to campaign against Jelincic, and two CalPERS employees sent out e-mail hit pieces signed as “CalPERS Team Members”.

Sadly, we also have to spill some ink debunking the smear propagated by these players. Jelincic was sanctioned by the State Personnel Board in 2011 for discourteous behavior towards three women, none of whom reported to Jelincic.1 He got the mildest sanction,

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