'America-Hating' EU Competition Czar Margrethe Vestager Appointed To 2nd Term

To the chagrin of the largest Silicon Valley tech giants and President Trump, EU anti-trust enforcer Margrethe Vestager will hold on to her position for another 5-year term under incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the FT reports.

The return of Vestager will almost certainly infuriate Washington, which has accused her of trying to hamper American firms’ ability to do business in Europe.

President Trump famously dubbed Vestager the “tax lady” and accused the Dane back in June of ‘hating the US’ during an interview with Fox Business.

During her first term, Vestager made a name for herself by pursuing high-profile crackdowns on US tech firms, including her multiple record fines for Google and her push for the Irish government to claw back taxes from Apple.

Margrethe Vestager

And over the next five years, Vestager will see her remit broadly expanded. In addition to covering all things anti-trust and anti-competitive, Vestager will also oversee Brussels’ digital policy in her additional role as executive vice-president of the new European Commission, not long after Europe published stringent user-privacy regulations known as the GDPR.

Von der Leyen said Vestager’s expanded portfolio of digital and competition issues was a “perfect combination.”

“There is a huge field in front of her. The only aspect that matters on portfolios is quality and experience. Margrethe Vestager has done an outstanding job as a commissioner for competition,” she added.

On Tuesday, von der Leyen announced the names of her 27-strong

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