Pro-Hong Kong Sixers Fan Booted From Philadelphia NBA Game

A Philadelphia 76ers fan says he was tossed out of a preseason game after showing their support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, according to NBC Philadelphia

NBA commissioner Adam Silver

Sam Wachs and his wife brought signs which read “Free Hong Kong” and “Free HK” to Tuesday night’s game between the Sixers and the Guangzhou Loong-Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association. According to Wachs, he lived in Hong Kong for two years and supports the anti-government movement. 

“We were just sitting in our seats near the Chinese bench,” said Wachs. 

As they were sitting, Wachs said security confiscated their signs. He then said they were kicked out of the game during the second quarter by security after they yelled, “Free Hong Kong.”

“We were saying, ‘Free Hong Kong,’’ Wachs told NBC10. “What’s wrong with that?” –NBC Philadelphia

The alleged incident is the latest in a string knee-bending to communist China after the NBA lost nearly all of its Chinese sponsors after a now-deleted pro-Hong Kong tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey triggered Beijing

The National Basketball Association lost almost all of its major Chinese sponsors in the country, the league’s biggest market outside the U.S., as the government flexes its economic muscle after a tweet backing Hong Kong’s protesters triggered a backlash.

A local joint venture of Nissan Motor Co. was the latest to distance itself from the U.S. league, joining China’s largest sportswear maker, the second-biggest dairy firm and a smartphone brand who all

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