Iran Rounding Up Whistleblowers Who Try To Expose Real COVID-19 Death Toll: State Dept

The State Department now seems to be leveling new accusations against Iran and China on a near daily basis related to their role in facilitating the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

On Monday Mike Pompeo issued ‘5 facts’ detailing Iran’s recklessness regarding the virus, including the charge Tehran spread it “to at least five countries,” and on Wednesday the newest charge is that Iran is imprisoning whistleblowers who are trying to the get the true numbers of Iran’s cases out to the public.

Iran was one of the two earliest epicenters outside of China along with Italy, and currently has the sixth highest number of total confirmed Covid-19 cases, but ranks fourth in deaths at 2,077 which have succumbed to the disease. 

Image via The Atlantic

“The regime has imprisoned dozens of Iranians for sharing statistics and forced hospital officials across Iran to falsify the number of cases and deaths,” State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus told the neocon Washington Free Beacon, yet without offering further details.

The new allegation comes as Tehran is begging the IMF for $5 billion in emergency funds to help with coronavirus relief, and simultaneously lashing out at Washington for its unrelenting sanctions regimen. The White House has kept up its so-called “maximum pressure” even as the Islamic Republic’s health system collapses under the strain of 27,000 official reported cases.

The EU announced earlier this week it plans to send Iran 20 million euros in relief funds, also demonstrating Europe’s increased resolve to buck Washington’s near

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