“Fire Is Raging On Fisherman's Wharf” – 4-Alarm Blaze Rips Through San Francisco Warehouse  

A massive four-alarm fire erupted at San Francisco’s Pier 45 on Saturday morning, the city’s fire department tweeted. The incident was first reported at 4:17 am local time (7:17 am ET) and has since been contained to a section of the pier. 

UPDATE Four-Alarm Warehouse Fire Spreading on Pier 45 (North Waterfront, San Francisco) 📲 Live on @CitizenAppSFO https://t.co/eGWySDD5gs


The San Francisco Fire Department said no injuries had been reported and all occupants at the site were evacuated. They said at least 25% of the pier at Fisherman’s Wharf “has been lost to the flames.” 

Twitter handle Dan Whaley snapped several pictures of dense black smoke and luminous flames that could be seen for miles. 

Fire is raging on SF Pier pic.twitter.com/UEpQIDxJsn

— Dan Whaley (@dwhly) May 23, 2020

The fire department said the blaze caused a partial collapse of the building on the southern part of the pier, spreading to several other buildings and endangered a third.

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien, a battleship used in World War II, was docked next to one of the warehouses that was engulfed. Firefighters were able to save the ship. 

A picture of the #WW2 Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien amid the Pier 45 fire taken earlier this morning pic.twitter.com/6VtabjkIvf

— Dr Phil Weir (@navalhistorian) May 23, 2020

SS Jeremiah O’Brien is saved. 

A fire on Pier 45 in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf destroyed a portion of a warehouse on the pier.

Fire crews were able to keep flames from damaging the World War II era “SS Jeremiah O’Brien” museum ship. pic.twitter.com/4Su9WbJf0n

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