Trump’s Eviction Moratorium Opens the Door for Medicare for All by Executive Order

Yves here. The idea of Medicare for All as an emergency program (which would hopefully become normalized) via executive order is wonderfully appealing. But I thought all spending had to be approved by Congress…while the Trump eviction freeze does not increase Federal outlays, but simply imposes costs on landlords.

Even assuming there was a way to square that circle, the executive order would make it a temporary program…and I wonder about the administrative ramifications. A lot of doctors don’t take Medicare. Could they be required to as a Covid emergency measure? And what about the operations side? Doctors who “don’t take Medicare” presumably aren’t set up administratively to do so. What would it take on the medical establishment end to process those claims? And does the government have the operational capacity to process greater volumes?

This is before getting to the horrorshow of all those Medicare Parts B and beyond….But it doesn’t have to be well thought out to be a hugely appealing campaign promise.

By Thomas Neuburger. Originally published at DownWithTryanny!

Donald Trump declares a coronavirus national emergency on March 13, 2020 (source)

On September 1, the Trump administration announced a nationwide moratorium on evictions to last until December 31, a full four months. The reason for the moratorium, according to a White House spokesman, was to make sure that people “struggling to pay rent due to the coronavirus will not have to worry about being evicted and risk the further spreading of, or exposure to, the disease.”

The moratorium applies only to people “who would otherwise

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