Links 9/21/2020

Mark Zuckerberg’s Pact with the Devil I, Cringely (chuck l)

Prince Charles warns the coming climate crisis will ‘dwarf’ the impact of coronavirus as he urges ‘immediate action’ to ‘reset’ the economy to be ‘sustainable and inclusive’ Daily Mail

California Takes a Big Step Toward Making Polluters Pay for Their Messes Capital & Main

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sen. Graham’s challenge: Fill a court seat and save his own AP

Trump bragged to Bob Woodward that he had broken ‘every record’ on appointing judges and only George Washington had appointed more Daily Mail

Justice Ginsburg’s Death And The Future Of The Supreme Court American Conservative

From elation to apprehension: The right wrangles over a Court litmus test Politico

McConnell locks down key GOP votes in Supreme Court fight The Hill

Socialists Have Long Fought to Disempower the Supreme Court. That’s More Urgent Than Ever Now. Jacobin

David Sirota: Democrats Have Power To Play Hardball, Too David Sirota

Biden warns that a quick replacement of Ginsburg would “plunge us deeper into the abyss” WaPo

Biden to GOP senators: Don’t jam through Ginsburg nominee AP

‘I Could Show You Stuff You Wouldn’t Believe:’ Gravediggers Speak Out About Horrifying Conditions Motherboard

Woman spread coronavirus to 15 people on international flight NY Post

New CDC study highlights threat of coronavirus spread on lengthy flights Daily News

Artificial intelligence in COVID-19 drug repurposing The Lancet

Fighting the COVID Infodemic Project Syndicate

Actually, we’re in deep trouble: Work is changing profoundly, and NYC will not be able to adapt NY Daily News

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