Links 9/24/2020

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Hiker Wandering Through Oregon Forest Enjoying Vibrant Reds And Golds Of Fall The Onion

He fought wildfires while imprisoned. California reported him to Ice for deportation Guardian

Bay Area applicants flood program that pays them $10,000 to leave California San Francisco Chronicle

With Deutsche Bank’s help, an oligarch’s buying spree trails ruin across the US heartland ICIJ

Pricing the Term Structure of VIX Futures Policy Tensor. This one’s above my pay-grade. Readers?


SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in development (preproof) (PDF) Nature. Review article of the 180 vaccines in development. From the Abstract: “The data available so far suggests that effective and safe vaccines might become available within months rather than years.”

How close is a coronavirus vaccine? (free) FT. Handy map of Phase 3 trials:

Evaluating and Deploying Covid-19 Vaccines — The Importance of Transparency, Scientific Integrity, and Public Trust New England Journal of Medicine

ACIP Mulls Priority Groups for COVID-19 Vaccines MedPage Today. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). This is, needless to say, an intensely political question.

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Thousands of passengers on commercial flights may have been exposed to coronavirus in 2020, CDC

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