Pompeo: We are Building A Coalition Against Nord Stream 2

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Jerri-Lynn here. In the age of COVID-19, there are nonetheless perennial foreign policy issues that remain to preoccupy policymakers. And I for one need to be reminded of them, least I surrender completely to COVID craziness; I assume the same holds true for Naked Capitalism readers. I know from prior academic work I conducted decades ago on the Nixon administration’s trade policy, that Europe’s willingness – particularly what at that time was West Germany – to tie themselves to Russian oil supplies was a major U.S. concern.

So VP Mike Pompeo’s obsessions are by no means new or particularly contemporary, and are neither tied to the current New Cold War madness or Russiagate centred on Trump. I have yet to trace Pompeo’s fossil fuel connections, but the broader Trump administration has certainly served U.S. fossil fuel interests (as readers with memories recall was also the case with its predecessors. I think it’s almost a necessary condition to be a U.S. president.)

This time, what is now unified Germany will be the major receiver of Russian gas supplies that would flow through the new pipeline. The US is petrified that Germany

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