(Non)Diversity in Econoblogging

The issue of diversity in economic discourse has occupied a prominent place over the past few years. The AEA has had long running initiatives to broaden the diversity of individuals in the economics professions, along gender, racial and ethnic lines, but it’s fair to say they have become much more visible as the debate has waxed: https://www.aeaweb.org/resources/best-practices . The last AEA conference had a panel devoted to the topic of racial diversity (video) . A good summary of the argument for promoting diversity in the economics profession is provided by Janet Yellen. A forceful statement on the economics professions gender diversity problem is here.

What about the EconoBlogosphere (or what remains of it)?

It’s hard for one person to do a comprehensive evaluation, so I’ll use someone else’s tabulation as a launching point: Inomics top economics blogs list, from April 2019. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means (after all, no one’s paying me to hire a RA to do this – conservatives relax!), and leaves out several of my personal favorites.*** (I have a tabulation for Intelligent Economist’s macro group, but the basic message is the same.)

Here’s the list:

Random Observations for Students of Economics Macro Musings Blog Mainly Macro Confessions of a Supply Side Liberal Marginal Revolution Conversable Economist Naked Capitalism Econbrowser New Economic Perspectives Econlib Econometrics Beat The Enlightened Economist Paul Krugman Real Time Economics The Intelligent Economist Economonitor Thoughts on Economics The Undercover Economist Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog Vox EU Worthwhile Canadian Initiative Lars P. Syll

I omit Real Time Economics and Economonitor

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