How Donald Trump Is Putting American Workers at Risk

Yves here. Oddly, or perhaps not, the press hasn’t paid much mind to the Trump Administration weakening worker protections, particularly OSHA. It’s been instructive to see the utter failure of the brunching classes to demand basic employee protections under Covid, like a requirement that any employer that requires employees to continue to come in to work provide a mask every day, and where appropriate, gloves.

By Tom Conway, the international president of the United Steelworkers Union (USW). Produced by the Independent Media Institute

Nick Miclaus realized just how much his Goodyear colleagues appreciated rigorous COVID-19 safety measures when they started recommending them to friends and family working at other companies.

Yet Miclaus, the United Steelworkers (USW) safety coordinator for Goodyear plants across the U.S., knows that his efforts to protect workers from the coronavirus and other dangers hang in the balance because of Donald Trump.

As Trump wielded his office on behalf of corporations seeking greater deregulation and higher profits, American workers increasingly struggled to safeguard themselves not only against COVID-19 but the everyday hazards that kill, sicken and maim them while callous employers look the other way.

“There are some employers who will say, ‘I just need this done. I don’t care if you don’t wear a mask. I don’t care if you don’t wear safety glasses,’” observed Miclaus, a member of USW Local 2L, which represents hundreds of workers at Goodyear’s Akron, Ohio, location.

The federal government long ago created various agencies to protect workers’ rights and safety. But Trump turned them into appendages of corporate America,

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