Briefly Noted for 2020-11-26

Sully Prudhomme: Le Vase Brisé (The Broken Vase)

Jay Rosen: The GOP’s verified account sent this out. That he won in a landslide. Here, I think, the party made official its break with American democracy. Not saying it wasn’t apparent before. It was. Just more official now. As ridiculous as Sydney Powell is, this is a sobering moment.

Kevin Liptak & Devan Cole: Chris Christie Calls Trump’s Legal Team a ‘National Embarrassment’ ‘Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Trump has failed to provide any evidence of fraud, that his legal team was in shambles and that it’s time to put the country first. “If you have got the evidence of fraud, present it,” Christie said…. He decried efforts by the President’s lawyers to smear Republican governors who have not gone along with the President’s false claims of voter malfeasance. “Quite frankly, the conduct of the President’s legal team has been a national embarrassment,” he said, singling out Trump attorney Sidney Powell’s accusations against Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp…

Lex: Workers vs Robots: A New Kind of Onshoring ‘Oil rigs have been on the automation march for most of the past decade. Remote control rooms can manage everything from drilling to procurement. The safety advantage of having fewer bodies on rigs is obvious in a pandemic. Benefits to the bottom line are just as clear. Equinor, as Statoil is now known, says the move added more than NKr2bn ($212m) to earnings within a year of its Johan Sverdrup rig going digital. The biggest savings come from

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