Another Warning About Comments

With considerable reluctance, we closed comments for over a week earlier this month as a result of too many readers refusing to adhere to our written site Policies. When we restored them, we explained:

In the past, despite having had to impose more moderation tripwires, the site admins have generally been able to operate in a minimal-intervention mode, with moderators approving most comments and deleting posted comments rarely and with great reluctance.

However, due to an rise in sheepdog-style, talking point-driven commentary and other forms of thread-jacking, we are going to be in zero tolerance mode until readers understand that this site is not the place for mere personal opinion. That includes cheerleading (“+1000”). If you have nothing of substance to add to a comment you like, please don’t. Readers are already saying they can seldom digest our daily Links. In light of general information overload, we’d rather have 100 thoughtful comments (such as links to articles or topics that weren’t included in Links or Water Cooler) than 250 that consist largely of noise.

There are plenty of outlets for that sort of thing, such as Kos and reddit. We suggest you go there if you want to hold forth. Otherwise, as Barry Ritholtz would often say, GYOFB.

Even though most readers have been offering high quality observations, we still have enough violators, despite our repeated and forceful warnings, to drag down the caliber of comments. In the mere week comments have been open, we have had readers make no-value-added personal attacks on other readers and post

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