Watch Live: Biden Delivers 2nd Sales Pitch For $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

President Joe Biden will deliver his second sales pitch for his “American Jobs Plan” in under a week on Wednesday, when he will “ramp up the pressure” (according to Bloomberg) on recalcitrant Republican lawmakers by appealing directly to their voters while Congress is in recess and lawmakers are home visiting in their districts. Biden’s plan calls for $2.3 trillion of government spending,

His speech from the White House is slated to begin at 1345ET. According to Bloomberg, Biden and his team have been scrambling to reach out to governors, mayors and the broader public through phone calls, briefings and local TV appearances to make their case for “Part 1” of the president’s two-part infrastructure/climate change/wealth redistribution program (and the massive federal tax hikes needed to pay for them…or at least offset some of the cost).

BBG added that Biden will insist that certain less-popular aspects of his plan (replacing lead pipes, expanding

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