Facts First? CNN Host Don Lemon Insists Biden “Misspoke” On Georgia Election Law… Repeatedly

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

The White House is not the only outfit struggling to explain the false statements repeatedly made by President Joe Biden about Georgia’s election law.  

Biden’s false claims have been widely refuted, including by the Washington Post.  Yet, CNN’s host Don Lemon mocked those raising the false statements and insisted that Biden merely misspoke. The problem is that he repeated the false claims after they were refuted and White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki has insisted that Biden was speaking truthfully in the Biden version of “alternative facts.” 

What was also not explained on CNN was how the Georgia law is “Jim Crow on steroids” if these two objections are untrue and states like New York and Delaware (and Colorado where the MLB is sending the All-Star game) have stricter provisions.

CNN ran the slogan “Facts First” throughout the Trump Administration, but it seems that facts are more fluid in 2021.

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