Patients Stricken By Vaccine Blood Clots Seek Payout From Government Fund

Though they represent a tiny fraction of all patients who receive the various COVID-19 vaccines, those who have severe, even life-threatening, reactions to the J&J COVID-19 jab face a difficult path to compensation since US law shields producers of the various COVID-19 vaccines from lawsuits. Instead, as Bloomberg explains in a story published Monday, patients are left to file claim with an obscure federal fund that – as BBG explains – “a program with a history of rejecting claims and a relatively high bar for recovering costs.”

The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, run by an obscure office within the Department of Health and Human Services, covers medical costs and lost wages not paid by insurance. Some 445 claims had been filed for Covid-related adverse reactions as of April 26, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration, which runs the program. However, only a small number of those claims are related

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