Ordinary New Yorkers (& Anthony Fauci) Make A Mockery Of “Science”

Ordinary New Yorkers (& Anthony Fauci) Make A Mockery Of “Science”

Authored by Andrea Widburg via AmericanThinker.com,

Science is a buzzword on the left, but an Ami Horowitz video about masks, combined with Fauci’s contention that attacking him is the same as denying science, shows that there is no difference on the left between science and ideology. The former is completely subsumed into the latter.

In my neck of the woods (the Southeast) even during the height of COVID mania, only about 50% of people wore masks outdoors. And depending on which store you were in, not everybody was wearing them indoors either. Target had full mask compliance. Walmart and Palmetto Armory did not.

Things are different now.

First, the CDC finally conceded that masks aren’t necessary outdoors.

More importantly, masks aren’t necessary for people who have been vaccinated.

And still more importantly, we know from Fauci’s emails that

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